Foyer Lighting – MatchSticks36-RD | Dramatic Lighting to Give Your Guests a Warm Welcome.

Most foyers (entry ways) will forever need overall lighting whether it’s day or night. Usually, a source of lighting near the entry way makes sure safety and a visual navigation help when entering your home, office and foyer lighting is the main spot for creating a first impression.

Having some lighting fixtures such as lamps, Chandeliers in your entry space also helps set the perfect tone for not only your home as well as for restaurant, office etc. So use Foyer light match sticks fixtures that are versatile, personalize, functional as well as aesthetically complementary your space.

Foyer Lighting – Match Stick 36: Stunning Light Fixtures to provide your guests with a warm welcome

In today’s review of Foyer Lighting – Match Stick 36, I found this such a great and perfect entry way lighting fixture to me. We all know the entry way of any space is the first impression in your home. And for our house, it’s also one of those highly awkward spaces that can simply become the place left to it is own device.

I have a very narrow two story entry way which opens to living room, dining room, and parlor drop off area. Theirs is also a small balcony which makes for a royal feeling if this area is extremely hard to décor. Since the day I moved in, and I want to change the extremely basic and all wrong lighting fixtures in here, but finding a unique lighting option that perfectly fit my space was a big challenge. Suddenly I found Foyer Lighting – Match Stick 36 and I was totally amazed to see the magic of this lighting fixture.

Affordable Options for Entryway Lighting

After installation of Foyer Lighting – Match Stick 36, I m stunned it fits so well in the space and it’s a reliable as well as a stylish option. The best part I found this about Foyer Lighting match stick is that it does not have any glass to clean. My previous light fixture was forever a pain because I had to swing it to over the terrace and 2nd person had to hold it. Just one wrings swing and WOOSH! We’d have broken the arched front window, with just a simple duster on an area of extension pole area, but this Foyer Light is much simpler to main.

modern home – modern foyer lighting

Design and features

This unique Foyer Lighting fixture design holds an exclusive 36 Match Stick pendants staged from personalizing ceiling canopy and gives a wonderful timeless modern look and feel.

In my honest review, I found this extremely suitable option for any mid to huge entry space or 2 story home like me.

This Foyer Lighting – Match Stick 36 has the unique feature of customizing finishes and sizes for your any large, mid or small project.

I also suggest you this Foyer Lighting – Match Stick 36 if you need entry way lighting fixtures for your restaurant, bars, hotel or lobby.


Everyone often feels more calm and comfortable with this light fixture because it’s soft, like a stunning decorative item, but not as harsh. With smooth shades, you can reflect a glow on both objects as well as people. And the range of sized and finishes, it is a supreme option – means you can sculpt the place overhead just as it were unique art. This also helps to divide up the spot in a large room by creating some multiple jobs.

Why choose Premiere Luminaire?

Premiere Luminaire is one of the leading creators of foyer lighting and our highly skilled designers created Foyer lighting fixture that adds elegance to several types of environments like entry way lighting, Foyer lighting as well as the option of custom hallway lighting.

Benefits of buying from us

Our experts combine very long-standing creation experience with highly skillful application and unique artistry. The final outcome is high notch this lighting option with an exclusive modern touch and supreme unmatched quality. Unique option of custom lighting fixture makes Premiere Luminaire makes best in this business. 

At premiereltg, custom orders of this foyer lighting match stick are carefully prepared and each and every part is individually picked and finally managed by our designers utilizing the superior quality craftsmanship and finish, this unique process make us best in this business.

Addition tip

How Do I determine the correct Size Chandelier for an Entry way (Foyer)?

Before selecting your entryway lighting, always consider the view – if there’s a window over near you the space of your entry way lighting, center the foyer light so that it can be seen from way outside. Show off the elegance of your space!

Home to pick the ideal option

A few key things to consider before installing the perfect size Chandelier for your foyer: For wide Halls over 75 square ft or more, plan a lighting fixture at least 12 to 14 inches in diameter or a Chandelier at least 18 to 20 inches in diameter. The below part of the fixture should be 7 to 9 ft from the finish floor if you have a usual 9 to 11 ft ceiling height.

One more technique is a general calculation when sizing a foyer lighting or Chandelier for your entrance, add the width and length dimension of the entry way jointly and change the complete into inches.

For instance: space is 18 ft by 14 ft. added jointly this mutual 32 ft. then change your sum to inches. The Chandelier’s diameter should be almost 30 to 32 inches in width.

Also something to remember before buying is the weight of your foyer lighting or Chandelier. A usual ceiling outlet container just hold a max of 50 to 55 lbs, therefore, additional tools and components might be required.

It is also a fine method to check the specification and installation guides of foyer lighting and Chandelier because no one entry way is the similar in each space. If you’ve double story lighting fixture, center your Chandelier so it might be viewed from outer area.


Foyer lighting ideas to Enhance the Beauty of Your Property

  Foyer Lighting ideas to Enhance the Beauty of Your Property

Adding the finishing touches to your home can sometimes be daunting, and lots of us feel overwhelmed.  In our days most people spend countless hours designing there home and most of the time overlook the importance of the foyer lighting and the enhancement there about to get if done right.

With the ability and choices of lighting today you should be considering what sort of atmosphere you would like to portray before you select your lighting.  Foyer or dining room every home is special so make sure to select lighting as distinctive as you are.

Now lighting ranges from table and floor lamps to ceiling and wall lights.  With these choices, you opt for а more dramatic setting or can set а mood.  You can even mix and match lighting methods to create and enhance the attractiveness of а space.

foyer lighting

When planning the foyer lighting, it is best it is going to be utilized and to think about the design of the room.  It is also helpful to take into account the amount of daylight the room will get in addition to the choice of furnishings for the room and the colors.  Light can be used to draw attention to а painting or photo, or the lack of light may be used to hide а feature in the room.

Traditionally, lighting а room consisted of а single light and that was its end.  Since lights can be set at various positions and angles, modern lighting allows for the production of effects.  Down lighters, up lighters, and track lighting are.

Modern lighting can function as а decorative piece, in addition to being able to manipulate the direction of light.  You create а fun and sophisticated space with the support of some modern lighting and can enhance the ambiance of your home.  Be creative when selecting pieces for your home but make sure they reflect your style.

Lighting choices should vary depending on the type of room you’re decorating.  A decorated kitchen is essential when doing the job of cooking, while an office can be made by а fantastic use of lighting upper larger.  Use this foyer lighting with dimmers to create а cozy space or create а space that is illuminated with the proper combination of paint and light.

Whatever your design goals are, you can’t go wrong by adding some entrance chandeliers to your decor.  Plan and decide early on what sort of mood you want your area to evoke as this will influence the results.  And because you want your home and every space to reflect your style, select fixtures that represent your tastes.